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OMNIKEY 5x27CK Developer Tool Kit Overview

OMNIKEY 5x27CK readers assist CCID and keyboard wedge applications. CCID support allows reader installation without the need to install or maintain drivers, eliminating complex software lifecycle management issues in the field and accelerating the time to market. These devices are commonly used in printers, copiers, vending machines and access control systems.

With the keyboard wedge functionality, OMNIKEY 5x27CK reader retrieves data from a card and places the card data into an application using keystroke emulation. This eliminates the need for customers to manually enter the card data into an application.

 The Developer Toolkit includes:

  • Detailed product documentation
  • Application notes
  • Downloads

OK5x27 Service Pack 2.0 for 5427CK Gen 2 and 5127CK-Mini readers is now available providing many new features including:

  • Support forMIFARE DESFire EV2
  • Encrypted Keyboard Wedge Output
  • Custom Seos ADF Keyboard Wedge Output
  • Additional Keyboard Wedge Outputs - Reverse Binary and Bit Manipulation Operations
  • Full Support for ASCII character table in pre and post stroke strings

Please read the OK5x27 Service Pack 2.0 Release Notes for full details.

For additional information, please register your License Key online.

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