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Software Development Kit Overview

The FARGO Software Development Kit (SDK) enables OEM vendors and developers to control nearly every aspect of any FARGO Printer/Encoder — all from within their credential management system. Whether you’re developing a stand-alone badging program, or an integrated security system, the FARGO SDK lets you tap into our industry-leading card issuance technologies.

Using standardized application programming interfaces (API) the FARGO SDK can be easily and seamlessly integrated into virtually any application to deliver the following capabilities:

  • Comprehensive printer functionality
  • Inline smart card personalization
  • Printer status, diagnostics, and initiate firmware update
  • Password protection
  • Card movement
  • Configure fluorescing images

To accelerate the development process, several sample applications have been provided in C#, C++, Java, and VB.NET. In addition, a printer emulator can be utilized to test the integration against a variety of FARGO card printers, eliminating the need to source printers for verification testing. Our professional services team can provide assistance with implementing or integrating the FARGO SDK into your development systems.

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